We are trying to make sure buying a car at CARS TRUCKS AUTO MALL CAR DEALERS is a wonderful experience. We offer everything from Insurance to a Car Warranty so when you leave our Car Dealership.
You will tell a friend about Us.

Cars Trucks Auto Mall is Proud to offer a chance for everyone to own their vary own automobile.
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      Accidents happen make sure your protected by someone you can trust.  So if a accident does occur hopefully it will never happen but if  it does you will be back on the road as soon as possible with 21ST CENTURY INSURANCE & ALL STATE INSURANCE.

Car Warranty

     Get the extra protection you need to insure that you are protected from any costly repairs that may come with a car that is unforeseen and out of the control of you or the dealer.

We’ve Got You Covered!
We offer various extended warranty plans… There’s sure to be one to fit your needs


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